An interactive quiz has been launched by Suzuki GB PLC on their UK website ( ahead of the new Alto city car arriving in dealer showrooms on 01 March, 2009. Surfers can take part in the short online questionnaire to reveal which colour Alto they are based on a series of choices which best matches the respondent’s lifestyle.

Since the introduction of the new facility, the site has received an overwhelming response, reporting nearly 700 participants in the last three weeks alone. According to the results of the poll, 37 per cent have been blue Altos, signifying buyers who are determined and know exactly where they are heading. Pink Altos are not far behind (33 per cent of those who responded), a colour which is ideally suited to shopaholics and to those that follow the trends to keep up with the latest fashion ‘must-haves’.

With an ever-increasing pressure on motorists to downsize and shift to models which offer low CO2 emissions and high fuel economy, the Alto is set to be at the top of the wishlists of buyers throughout the UK, come the introduction of the ’09 vehicle registration. Essex and Greater London lead the way in the south, and Lancashire and West Yorkshire in the north, counties which have expressed significant interest in the new model which will rank as one of the lowest emitting and most environmentally-friendly cars on the market next year. 

Reflecting on the results, Rebecca Morrison, CRM Manager for Suzuki GB explains: “Creating an individual and fun driving experience is at the heart of the Suzuki brand, and colour is an important element when motorists look to tailor a car to best reflect their persona. The online quiz is designed to give motorists a little helping hand, and to inform buyers as to how the Alto can be part of their way of life.”

To take the Alto interactive quiz or to find out more about the Suzuki product range, visit