Press Releases

by Mr. Hiroshi TSUDA, President and COO Suzuki Motor Corporation

Welcome to the Suzuki press conference. Thank you very much for sharing your time with us. Today, we are proud to present Suzuki’s third worldwide strategic model, following the Swift and the Grand Vitara.

In May last year, we announced a five-year worldwide sales objective.

In fiscal year ending March 2005, we sold 1,890,000 units worldwide. Our goal is toincrease the annual volume to 2,600,000 units by March 2010.

Mainly due to the launch of the new Swift and Grand Vitara, our car sales in 2005 were increased by 7%. So we have taken a big step forward towards our goal.

Now turning our eyes to Europe, sales grew 11% in 2005.

Out of the 267,000 units, we have sold 60,000 units of the New Swift. With a stronger sales network, we hope to see a 16% increase to 310,000 units this year. We are on target to reach our business goals of a 2% share and sales of 320,000 units in 2007.

2005 was a year to remember for the car business of Suzuki Motor Corporation.

It started off with the all-new Swift, our first worldwide strategic model. It has been very successful since its launch here in Geneva last year.

The Swift has won the Car-of-the-Year "Most Fun" and RJC Car-of-the-Year awards in Japan and many other awards worldwide. Our main production sites in Hungary, Japan, China, and India produced 210,000 Swifts until the end of 2005, and will produce 280,000 units this year for worldwide sales.

We also introduced the all-new Grand Vitara last year, our second worldwide strategic model. It also has been very successful since its debut. We will increase production to 180,000 units this year.

Today, we are very proud to present the world premiere of our third worldwide strategic model. Ladies and Gentlemen, our four-season Sport X-over; the new Suzuki SX4!

Thank you very much.

The Suzuki SX4 was developed under the concept of X-over Revolution. We crossed our innovations in sporty compacts with our tradition in off-road vehicles to create this Sport X-over.

Its X-over design crosses SUV dynamism with passenger car elegance.
There are two lines. The Outdoor Line has a strong SUV feel. The Urban Line is passenger car in feel.

Its X-over driving offers precise, stable and enjoyable handling expected of a Sport X-over.

The Suzuki SX4 also has an X-over power train.

There are three engines: a 1.9-litre diesel, and a 1.5- and 1.6-litre petrol. The petrol engines are responsive yet offer ample power. The torque-full diesel engine is combined with a 6-speed manual transmission, providing dynamic acceleration and sporty driving.

A DPF is standard equipment for environmental consideration.

In addition, Suzuki’s 4x4 heritage has been incorporated into the SX4. This 4x4 system allows easy switching between 3 modes with a push of a button. And ESP is also available to work in harmony with the 4x4 system for enhanced control. The Suzuki SX4 combines high levels of safety, performance and economy.

As you can see, the car was developed with Europe in mind. The Suzuki SX4: a crossing of Japanese technology and European demand.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am also proud to introduce today our latest motor sport machine. 
The new Suzuki SX4 WRC Concept!

It will compete in the World Rally Championship.

We will enter this new Suzuki SX4 in the World Rally Championship in August 2007.

Suzuki has a tradition of producing excellent 4x4 performance. The Suzuki SX4 follows this tradition, so its mastery of rough roads is perfect for the demands of the WRC.

In the first week of February this year, the Suzuki Swift Super 1600 started this season by finishing first in the Swedish Rally. Using our know-how from the past four years in the JWRC as a base, we are going to repeatedly test the Suzuki SX4 in different situations to further raise its potential and prepare for next year's debut.

Suzuki's brand philosophy is a "Way of Life" that creates lifestyles. The new Suzuki SX4 follows this philosophy and is targeted at energetic and active people. 
More importantly, the new Suzuki SX4 is perfect for varied challenges and situations of Europe. Whether it be Snow or Bike, or shopping, leisure, and work, the Suzuki SX4 is for active situations.

One car for Any Lifestyle in Europe.

Suzuki is going to continue producing exciting new cars that are based on this philosophy.

So, watch out for Suzuki. We're a company on the move.

Thank you very much.